Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School classes meet at 10:00am each week. Classes are provided for all ages and interests. Check out this week's class topics here. Please join us!


Room 219


We ask the big questions in life and focus on the interaction with parenthood. We facilitate guided discussions with an open mind and seek faith to guide our journey.

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Room 223


A place to connect with other students and discuss faith, culture, vocation and the bible as we look at how to navigate life as people of faith.

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Room 313

Common Ground

Looking for a Sunday morning bible study? Check out Common Ground. Led by class members, the group focuses on one book of the Bible at a time. This is a great opportunity for adults looking to dive into scripture.

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Room 315


A group of young couples and singles looking for community and belonging while seeking the sacred. This fun and casual group thrives on service, connecting on deeper levels, and building strong interpersonal relationships.

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Room 226


A class for adults with special needs, our goal is to encourage spiritual development and strengthen ties within the faith community.

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Room 203


A class of adults in their late 30s to early 50s who support each other spiritually and socially on the journey of faith.

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Room 150


A 30-minute, teacher led class that discusses the hymns and anthems sung in worship each week; looking at their history and how they impact our journey of faith.

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Room 204


Couples and singles in their mid-life years discussing family issues, spiritual development, and how to be better Christian servants through a variety of speakers, discussion, literature and film.

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Room 227


A class for adults interested in discussing how to be a Christian in today’s world. We benefit from a variety of speakers and book discussions.

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Newcomers Class

This three-week class, offered several times throughout the year, is for anyone interested in discovering more about UCC.

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Room 207

People's Bible Class

A biblically based, lecture style class for adults of all ages, the class is taught by a variety of biblical scholars, authors, and local religious leaders.

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Room 202

P.E.W. Team

Pray. Eat. Work. Come share food and coffee, while working together in hands-on service projects to benefit various UCC ministries.

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Room 206


The Round Table Class welcomes people of all ages for open-minded discussion as we search for and experience our relationship with God and others.

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Room 205


A lecture-based class for adults ages 60+. Class topics center on world events, theological questions and spiritual growth.

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