Advent Season 2018

11.19.18 | Advent

Making Room

This fall, as our clergy gathered to begin to think and dream about Advent, we centered ourselves around this poem by Sharlande Sledge. It spoke to us about what is waiting to be born in us—both as individuals and as a church community—during this sacred season. Out of this poem came our Advent theme, Making Room. During the four weeks of Advent, we’ll make room for the birth of hope, peace, joy and love in our lives and in our world. In this season, that often demands so much of us—with holiday parties and trips to the mall— we often miss what the season offers us. Embedded deep within the text, there is the invitation to take risks, do less, give more, and let go. We hope you’ll join us for this journey through Advent, as we Make Room in our hearts and lives for all that is waiting to be born within us.

---Waiting on tiptoes, Rev. Dr. Russ Peterman Senior Minister