How do Elders "Eld"?

07.23.18 | General, Congregational Leadership

    A new group of Elders was approved by our congregation on May 27. What do we at UCC expect of these Elders?

    Traditionally, the Elders are charged with offering the prayers at the communion table in worship, participating in committees, being in worship, serving outbound communion, and providing a ministry of presence for those physically ill, stressed, or heartsick. They often mentor our youth throughout the year.

    Later this summer, the Elders will be focusing attention on members who aren’t able to come to church, or are new to UCC. Shepherding flocks isn’t new to us; Mary Graham has set a time on Sundays to pray for the people in her flock each week. Michael O’Neil keeps a few of the “all-in-one” communion cups on his desk, and they remind him to pray for those he serves communion to when his gaze falls on the cups.

    A new aspect of our ministry is UCCrideshare, which will pair up UCC members who need help with transportation to church with members who can drive them. If you are willing to drive someone (hopefully near where you live) once a month or so, or if you know of someone who would like help getting to church, please email . The Elders are working with Deacons to make this happen, but anyone can participate whether you’re part of these groups or not.

    On August 4, all Elders are invited to a retreat at Brite Divinity School from 8:30am to noon. We’ll connect with each other, learn, pray, and share a meal. Leadership may be instinctive for some, but developing and nurturing that characteristic is crucial. All are encouraged to pray for this group, especially the first weekend in August!